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The story of our spring collection

"Gallerista is a label defined by art and inspired by nature".

It is absolutely key in its development to be thinking of pieces and proprietary prints that connect these two prerogatives, to focus on organic, mostly vegan fabrics, and on unique prints that truly make my custom made pieces stand out.

Every season I will focus on one painting inspired by what goes on in nature at that time, and create a mood board and collection around it. One proprietary print will be released and used on dresses, blouses, wide leg pants, and signature bomber jackets.

The piece below was created during a magical cherry blossom season, when the air is filled with bird songs, with the crisp freshness of re-birth, with explosions of soft warm pinks and yellow green accents, with touches of striking magenta.

While I love color, I also think about pairing and toning things down with neutrals and for spring'21, please be on the lookout for soft beiges and warm browns.

I cannot wait to share some unique made to order signature pieces with you that are being designed as we speak.

Get on my mailing list to be among the first to order your made to order, unique, sustainable item designed and handcrafted in US.

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