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Award-winning artist, fashion designer, Best of Boston educator, author, and TEDx Speaker.


Gallerista Fashion Label is a line of limited edition avant garde art pieces designed by former gallery director and professional landscape artist, Diana Stelin. Stelin dreamed of being a designer since the age of 5, when she first started sketching models on paper napkins...

Now she's the recipient of Best of Boston award, on a mission to reduce burnout through creativity, a published author, CEO of Gallerista fashion line & proprietor of the Plein-Air Art Academy. Her art pieces are now in private collections nationwide.

There was a detour of immigration from Moldova, a surprise shift to being an artist, to then managing a national art gallery chain, to launching a Best of Boston art school.
But that dream of a little girl finally came true at the age of 40. Now, armed with knowledge about visual effects, Stelin is able to create her proprietary fabric prints.
She is acutely aware of practical needs of a busy creative woman. At the same time, she values sustainability and a sophisticated shopper's appreciation for organic materials.
And in true attempt to give back to her roots, she employs seamstresses in her homeland, uplifting Moldova's economy and creating ties with ex-Pats in USA.

Public art project in the works for the world's most prestigious art fair, the Venice Biennale.

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