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June 15th, 2023

Spend a day with Diana Stelin & her wonderful creative network: learn from stylists, interior designers, & mindset gurus on how to live a life filled with joy & self-love.

Featuring Ginger Burr - image consultant, Alysha St.Germain - interior designer & owner of HelloPearl Interiors, Leonid Gurevich - NYC-based fashion photographer & Editorial and Advertising Campaign Stylist, Tatiana Ivanova - Purpose and Alignment Mentor to women entrepreneurs & more!

Hear from mindset experts, fashion gurus and public speakers about the importance of appreciating beauty, valuing ourselves from inside out.

Shop with the advice of stylists and designers and support the latest efforts to help refugees from Ukraine.



tara west silk bomber proprietary2.jpg

Tara West

"Who doesn’t love a good bomber jacket? This wide-cuffed version is sleek, comfortable, and oh so chic! Upgrade your winter wardrobe with this timeless piece that will keep you warm all winter long.


Here it is in their breathtaking proprietary print. Throw on your favorite pair of jeans and comfortable shoes, and you’re ready for an active day of errands! If you’re someone who’s looking to streamline your closet, look no further than this iconic capsule collection. Made for the everyday, modern woman - Gallerista has you covered".

tara west tencel bomber and cargo.jpg
A luxurious and practical pant for ladies on the go
"I love the cargo pants. They're slimming and have plenty of pockets for your phone, the rocks your kids collected, or tissues for that runny nose. I would be happy to own a pair." 
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