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Why follow the new bamboo trend?

As our new collection shifts towards more child-friendly styles, the choice of fabric, particularly the balance between price and quality, becomes crucial. A wonderful new alternative to silk from India has emerged, proving to be a sustainable and cost-effective option.

Not only is this fabric more versatile and eco-friendly in its production, avoiding the often criticized practice of raising and killing silkworms, but it is also much better suited for sensitive children's skin.

Research shows that bamboo is more breathable and moisture-wicking than cotton and polyester, making it perfect for humid climates. The material is super soft, ideal for those with skin sensitivities, particularly eczema. It's also an excellent choice for children with sensory issues, as its softness prevents itching, sweat discomfort, and overheating.

Additionally, bamboo trees grow very quickly, making them perfect for ethical sourcing and low-impact manufacturing. This rapid growth ensures a sustainable supply and minimal environmental footprint, aligning perfectly with our commitment to responsible production.

I'm thrilled to have found this new material and hope our many clients see its numerous benefits and features. Enhancing the appeal of our mommy-and-me clothing line, we've always avoided using tags in our garments, ensuring they remain comfortable for sensitive customers.

Come check out the new collection in person or have us ship[ you a few of your favorites!

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