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The importance of organic/vegan fabrics: Spotlight on Tencel

In designing this collection, I really wanted the focus to be on fabrics.

Having always been that kid that hated itchy garments, I was incredibly sensitive to how a certain fabric would make my skin feel. I'm also a huge ally to those similar to me who're prone to sweating when nervous. Plus, I'm a pretty low maintenance gal who hates ironing or running out to the dry cleaner to get washing and steaming resolved.

To add to the mix, I'm a huge proponent of organic materials, and sustainable manufacturing.

I needed to do some research and figure out what would work as a fun new alternative to what I already knew. It helped that I absolutely love learning and experimenting as a visual artist. When I came to discovering Tencel, I was in love!

Tencel is a material that is made from processed eucalyptus trees. Unlike most cellulose based fabrics, Tencel is produced using recyclable, Earth-friendly solvents. When blended with cotton, Tencel adds wrinkle-resistance and the lustrous feel of a silk. It is so soft to the touch, and an absolutely perfect fabric to travel with, to use in everyday wear, to substitute for jeans but with a charming twist. It is a breathable material, much better for hot temperatures or those stressful meetings.

I absolutely adore this discovery of the fall season, and cannot wait for you to try it as a sustainable alternative. I have made my cargo pants, bomber jacket and sweater with the use of this material. To make it even more vegan friendly, I'm happy to substitute wool cuffs on some of the items for bamboo cuffs, as all I make is made to order!

For Spring/Summer I'm researching milk (casein) based fabrics and cannot wait to start experimenting with them and sharing them with you!

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